We will provide you with accurate timber import related information

Our years of wood import operation experience and wood import customs clearance cases, for wood imports but the import business are not familiar with, or customers due to import qualification and other issues, our can provide professional import agent services, currently mainly imported sheet, rubber wood in Southeast Asia, European beech and birch, North American oak, cherry, ash, and so on.

In import agent in our offer from foreign customers to sign the bill, foreign exchange, credit, booking, shipment, import customs clearance, domestic transportation to the verification and writing off of foreign exchange trade and logistics service, will import trade agent, import agent transportation, import customs agents form a complete chain.

Customers need to import other related products, I can also provide the division to find suppliers of services.

Agent import process is as follows:

1, receiving party and foreign investors to determine the price and terms of trade, production cycle, transportation and other information.

2, the receiving party and I ordered the agency import agreement.

3, determine the import declaration name, HS and regulatory conditions.

4, the receipt of the payment or the payment of foreign exchange for the payment of foreign exchange or on behalf of the open letter of credit.

5, received a full set of foreign imports of the shipping documents scanned, confirmed after the delivery.

6, receive a full set of imported shipping documents provided by the foreign investors, arrange import customs declaration after the goods arrived in the port.

7, the general customs clearance delivery for 3-4 days, if the inspection is required according to the actual situation of postponed.

Choose our import agent, we will provide you with accurate information on the import of timber, the rapid customs clearance of imported logistics solutions, careful and thoughtful logistics services!