What is entrepot trade

"Re export" also known as "transit trade" or "re - export trade", refers to the international trade in import and export of goods sale, not directly between producing and consuming nations, but through the Three Kingdoms resale to trade. This trade is a transit country for entrepot trade. Traded goods can be from the exporting country to a third, in third countries not processed (change of packaging, sorting, selecting, sorting and not as a processing theory) and then sold to the consumer.

At present in many "made in China" products (such as all kinds of clothing, shoes, socks, hats, cloth, ceramic products, bearings, furniture, chemicals, fasteners, etc.) in the European Union, the United States, Mexico, Turkey, Egypt, South Africa and central and South American countries, most of which are being "anti-dumping", "special safeguard," limits ", we can through the Southeast Asian countries for certain import and manufacturers with these countries entrepot trade services for our clients, to produce a full set of origin of the document etc., reduce import costs of the importer, to avoid anti-dumping tariffs, improve profit margins.