Division I undertake the LCL southeast door to door all in one service

Southeast Asia LCL door to door through-train service, professional solution of Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand LCL DDP/LDP/DDU cross-border trade and transportation. For small and medium sized micro enterprise individual, foreign trade personnel, and overseas Chinese, Chinese buyers customized logistics solutions.

Division I undertake the provinces have the goods need to be transported to the countries of goods: hardware accessories, bearing, sheet metal, textile, automobile, bicycle parts, old and new machinery, metal, plastic products, packaging materials, lamps and lanterns, office supplies, electrical and electronic products, such as.

Warehousing, customs clearance, customs clearance, transportation, port of destination distribution all by the Division I operate. Customers only need to provide packing single, name of commodity picture, material component, use, volume, weight and value of the, whether individuals or companies, with or without the qualification of import and export, we will complete the port of shipment and destination of all customs clearance procedures, and according to the trustee indicating the delivery to the door. At present, our company has a warehouse in Ningbo, a weekly, Thursday installed cabinets, 4-6 days at sea, the entire 10 days to the port to open the cabinet; 12-13 days home delivery.

We fight is the credibility of the fight is professional, fight is the service!